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Underground Ayahuasca Retreats in the USA on Public Land — Yellowstone

  • Sep 15 / 2014
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Ayahuasca hippie party on public lands in USA

Underground Ayahuasca Retreats in the USA on Public Land — Yellowstone

Rumor mills in small towns are always obsessed with curious topics, many untrue, like the oft-told ‘urban legends’ of the more well-known city culture.

One thing the two social phenomena have in common, they tend to focus on and expand the trivial or make enormous the day-to-day. Moreover, both urban legends and small town myth making spreads best when it triggers primal emotions such as fear or otherwise pushes the edges of your existential boundaries.

The latest scuttlebutt coming from a few of the smaller towns on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park appear to be the new age.

Characteristics of stories making the rounds are as expected.

They include the standard, or better described as stereotypical new age accoutrements, the following illuminates the idea:

  • Crystals
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Free hugs
  • Dreadlocks
  • Auras
  • Drums
  • Beads

The above descriptors are a basic laundry list that is to be expected from those associated with the new age. What’s new, or new to the residence of the small town gossip party is a psychedelic tea called ayahuasca.

It is said, though no real proof has surfaced, that there have been organized ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies taking place in the USA on public lands, mainly–according to those in the know–the ceremonies convene in National Parks.

After scouring many of the more popular ayahuasca retreats websites, an example here, no concrete proof has emerged.

The gossip mongers who shared this rumor with Beds With a View were hoping that somehow, using our journalistic savvy (which we did via an exhaustive online search), we’d find an organization or flyer for something like a deep forest spirit fest fueled by the exotic South American magic brew ayahuasca.

Unfortunately our rumor eradicators have come up empty-handed. We’ve got nothing to report back to the rumor mongers at Aunt Cathy’s small town diner. The only thing we’re left to do is educate because we learned a lot during our ayahuasca retreat foray.

For instance, ayahuasca is a sort of tea that must be boiled for hours to properly prepare a balanced mix of the ayahuasca vine and the Psychotria viridis plant.

Yup we learned a bit of botany in on our ayahuasca quest.

Some ayahuasca tea recipes include mimosa hostilis in their preparation. Traditionally any common Jack or Joe couldn’t just round up the ayahuasca ingredients and brew themselves some spiritual enlightenment. No Nelly, this ain’t true.

According to what we understand after reading a few different accounts—though we are still quite confused about how the whole thing works—most ayahuasca brews only work when there is a trained shaman around to sing icaros, sacred songs, during a night long ritualistic ceremony whose intent is to invite what is called Mother Ayahuasca.

Most of the writings on this claim some sort of female spirit comes to the ceremony to heal the ayahuasca tea drinkers. True or not, this is some damn good rumor fertilizer.

Anyhow, if we can rustle up the true source of these so called ayahuasca retreats taking place in the forest, one of our daring correspondents wants to sneak out there and have a looksie to see exactly what kind of ruckus these new agers are up to now. Calling spirits right here on US soil. That’d be a sight to behold. But, because of the underground nature of these hippie ceremonies, it seems—if they are really happening—Beds With a View doesn’t know the right people to be privy their occurrence.

Maybe the intuitive nature of old Jack’s trusty horse, Redly, can guide our own curious small town soul to a secret ceremony amongst a hidden grove in Yellowstone, or an overhanging rock outcrop sequestered in an untold nook of the Grand Tetons.

Just knowing there may be some kind of ayahuasca juju spirit lurking out on the trails shall cause us all to to remain extra alert when out hiking alone.

Let it be known: Ayahuasca — we’re coming for you.

Yellowstone Ayahuasca Ceremony Beds With a View

Could Ayahuasca Ceremonies be taking place near this waterfall in Yellowstone?

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