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What to Expect When Horseback Riding Through Yellowstone National Park

  • Aug 26 / 2014
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Choose Your Adventure Horseback Ride in Yellowstone
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What to Expect When Horseback Riding Through Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a highly acclaimed national park that spans over two million acres and offers an exquisite nine hundred miles of hiking trails for visitors. The trails are located in the remote areas of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho and can be accessed by foot or horse.

The best way to experience the trails and features of Yellowstone National Park is through horseback riding.

You can learn how to ride a horse with ease no matter what your experience level with horseback riding. In fact, ninety percent of tourists are able to ride a horse to enjoy the best of what Yellowstone has to offer.

There are different ranches along the reaches of this park to present different views and amenities to tourist. While one ranch may offer scenic views into the heartland of the park others may allow you to see a variety of animals like elk, moose, bear, deer, and even wolves.

Travelers can expect to buy entrance into the park for the day, night, or over a series of days to meet any preference. A wealth of activities can be enjoyed along your travels, such as whitewater rafting, zip lines, fishing, camping, and hiking. Specific venues are available during allotted hours to ensure safety of all guests along the trails.

The prices range from one hundred dollars for hourly tours to thousands of dollars for package deals that give you access for a specific span of time. Those who travel along the trails of this park can expect to see scenic views of natural wonders, exotic animals and plants, canyons, ledges, stream, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls that peak natural interest and curiosity. You can even bring your own horses (remember to take special precautions when transporting your animals).

Experienced and beginner campers can reserve a spot at any campsite located along the many different trails.

Yellowstone National Park Horseback Riding

Get in the Saddle

There are numerous sites and parks to visit throughout Yellowstone National Park, such as the Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Teton Range, Colonade Falls, Boundary Creek, and many more spectacular wonders. Horse-packing trips are available that include a guide, meals, and housing accommodations.

In addition to these natural wonders, visitors can also learn about the region through attending lectures and listening to wildlife biologists talk about the region in great detail.

Finer luxuries are offered to visitors with more time on their hands, such as experiencing hot springs, hot pools, and the crystal clear water near waterfalls. You can park your horses for the night to have a get together at campsites set up to accommodate any type of traveler. The wildlife will captivate you along your journey through Yellowstone National Park as each season has its own presents to offer visitors.

Since this park is located in three different states, visitors usually need to plan their trip ahead as there are many tourist stops in various regions of the park. Beginner hikers can seek the counsel of a friendly and inviting guide while those more experienced hikers can purchase access and venture out on their own with their horse. You can access whatever part of Yellowstone National Park you want when you purchase package plans for horseback riding, camping, and hiking through the valley of one of the most popular national parks in the country.

Yellowstone Camping Fireside

If you go on an overnight Yellowstone guide horse riding expedition, you can enjoy your evenings by fireside.


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